Dyfi Forest Project

The Dyfi Forest Project is central to the vision of Beicio Mynydd Dyfi MTB. Working partnership with Natural Resources Wales (NRW), this project will mean the existing historic mountain bike trails in the Dyfi Forest  are legally recognised and protected. Initially we need to ensure that the trails meet the requirements of NRW’s current trail standards. Therefore we will need to make an initial investment to bring the trails up to modern safety standards and installing signage and barriers where needed. We also need to ensure that we can afford to maintain and protect the trails going forward: As the Dyfi Forest becomes more popular, we will need to ensure that the trails are capable of withstanding the increase in traffic. 

The project is designed to be completed in three phases:

Phase 1 (Classic Expansion Pack): trails in the western end of the forest that can branch-off the ClimachX trail, using it as a central hub.

Phase 2 (Steep and Tech Expansion Pack): the trails in the eastern end of the forest near to Aberangell, where many of the steeper and more technical trails are found.

Phase 3 (Mines and Quarries Expansion Pack): the lesser known northern part of the forest around Aberllefenni.

This is a long-term, high-impact project that will deliver benefits beyond just high quality trails for experienced mountain bikers. This project will also allow a whole generation of riders legitimately enjoy the historic trails that have existed in the forest for over 50 years. 

Beyond the initial investment required to modernise the trails and in order to ensure our trails continue to deliver high quality riding, we will need to deliver a well-targeted and on-going maintenance programme. Therefore we are looking for a partner, or partners that can either: provide significant financial support or, supply construction expertise, equipment and materials. In return it is envisaged that this project will receive significant interest in local and regional media, specialist cycling and outdoor media, as well as across social media.

The history of the forest, as well as the three phases of the project enables a natural story to evolve which will ensure that supporting partners are front and centre for the multi-year duration of the project. If you are interested in partnering with Beicio Mynydd Dyfi MTB on this exciting project, then please get in touch to discuss.