Dyfi Forest Project

The Dyfi Forest Project is central to the vision of Beicio Mynydd Dyfi Mountain Biking. Working partnership with Natural Resources Wales (NRW), this project will mean the existing historic mountain bike trails in the Dyfi Forest  are legally recognised and protected. Initially we need to ensure that the trails meet the requirements of NRW’s current trail standards. Therefore we will need to make an initial investment to bring the trails up to modern safety standards and installing signage and barriers where needed. We also need to ensure that we can afford to maintain and protect the trails going forward: As the Dyfi Forest becomes more popular, we will need to ensure that the trails are capable of withstanding the increase in traffic.

The project is designed to be completed in three phases: initially those trails in the western area of the forest that can branch-off the ClimachX trail, using it as a central hub;  then the eastern end of the forest near to Aberangell where many of the steeper, more technical trails are found; and finally the lesser known northern part of the forest around Aberllefenni.

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Management Project

The Management Campaign is to enable the company to become self-sustaining and not be wholly reliant on volunteers. In order to have trails in the forest, the landowner requires that they are maintained and managed to a high standard. To do this requires a lot of time to arrange and promote dig days, ensure the health and safety of those volunteers while on the dig-days as well as the day-to-day administration of a community company. 

Ideally funding would be available to be able to pay for a Manager to provide those services and to promote to the wider MTB community the trails that Dyfi MTB manage.

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Blue (Flow) Trail Project

A “flow” trail is a relatively recent addition to purpose-built mountain bike trails. They are normally trails full of jumps and bermed corners with completely smooth surfaces that almost any ability of rider can enjoy, from a complete beginner to an experienced shredder. A flow trail allows the more skilled riders to find different lines down, or over, the trail.

The existing trail network in the Dyfi Forest does not allow easy access to the sport, either for children or those new to mountain biking. The provision of a blue graded “flow” trail would enable riders of much differing ability to enjoy riding the Dyfi Forest and encourage more locals to venture out to the trails. 

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Mach 4 Project

Mach 4 is a project to add an additional, longer trail to the way-marked routes on the southern side of the Dyfi Valley. 

This route will take riders into the heart of the Cambrian mountains and provide several hours of epic terrain and views.

Project costs extend to the provision on signs and signposts as well as the mapping and gpx files and administration. This project is an ideal for a those in the holiday accommodation sector to partner with us to deliver this exciting new adventure.

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Cemm Trails Project

The Cemm Trails project is to develop a network of trails starting from Cemmaes, a small village about halfway along the Dyfi Valley.

These trails would be similar in style to the Mach trails and this campaign is to cover the cost of the signposts, mapping and gpx files as well as the administration. 

This is a relatively straightforward and low cost project. Beicio MynyddDyfi MTB are looking for a partner that would benefit from either the increased tourism generated by the project, or from exposure in outdoor and cycling media and across social media.

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