Beicio Mynydd Dyfi Mountain Biking is a Community Interest Company formed by volunteers to protect, promote and develop mountain biking and off-road trails for cycling in the Dyfi Forest and the surrounding area. Our mission is to promote long-term investment in the Dyfi Forest to develop a network of the best mountain bike and off-road cycling trails in the UK while maintaining the feeling that Dyfi Forest is the gateway to the wilderness.

The Dyfi Forest has been home to trails since motocrossers started using the land in the 1960’s and since the dawn of mountain biking local riders have utilised these unofficial trails. Work to create MTB specific trails started 20 years ago, utilising public rights-of-way to the south of Machynlleth for the Mach 1, 2 and 3 trails and in 2005 this expanded with the construction of the legendary ClimachX trail in Ceinws/Esgairceiliog.

We are now working with the landowners of the Dyfi Forest, Natural Resources Wales (NRW), to open access in the Dyfi Forest and pioneer a new style of trail network beyond the predetermined way-marked trails with which we have become familiar. With the ClimachX trail at the hub, the new trails branch-off offering the option of riding more challenging trails that can be ridden in multiple variations. This will make it ideal, both for the experienced trail rider who is looking for a longer ride and to explore the wider area, or those more enduro-focused riders who want to session a trail or create a challenging training ride using the hardest trails in the forest. Our vision is to:


Strong partnerships  with NRW, land-owners and local riders.

A new method of managing existing “wild trails” to benefit both NRW and the mountain bike community.

An identity for both the trails and area.


The trail network from tree-felling by agreeing a re-instatement programme with NRW.

The natural environment through working with the landowner to create and maintain sustainable trails and with organisations such as Trash Free Trails to encourage riders to look after the natural resources that they benefit from.


Dyfi as a world-class mountain biking destination

The forest as a venue for events wishing to use some of the best mountain biking trails in the UK.