The ClimachX trail is sited in the Dyfi Forest, eight kilometres north of Machynlleth. It was built in 2005 and is a natural, flowing trail set on the slate bedrock of the area. As one of the earlier purpose-built mountain bike trails in the UK, it has a much more natural feel than most manmade trails. 

The full route is a 15 km round-trip, with nine kilometres of built singletrack with compressions, whoops, rock slab drop offs and some beautiful flowing turns. The last descent is one of the longest in Wales and features a fast, flowing start followed by a technical rocky central section. “The Viewpoint” marks a change as the trail steepens and you are spat out of the forest to a trail of rock slabs and jumps and a final sequence of eight huge berms following quickly after each other: Hit them high and fast enough and you’ll find flow.

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Mach 1, 2 and 3

The Mach Trails are classic mountain bike routes featuring big countryside and big skies. A style of riding that fell out of favour as trail centres exploded across the UK, this type of trail is experiencing a resurgence thanks to the rise of gravel bikes and the thirst for adventure.

We have refreshed these trails with new signage, so you can now follow the Dyfi MTB logo for adventures around the southern Dyfi.

Mach 1

This is a fast rather than technical trail, taking you steeply upwards and fast downwards with some epic views along the way. This trail is a great starting point to see what’s on offer around the hills south of Machynlleth. The route takes in some quieter country lanes, before climbing up to get some great views and proper off-road tracks. Dropping back down includes some super fast descents for a smile-packed ride for most abilities.

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Mach 2

The classic cross country mountain biking trail: This trail offers a perfect mix of XC riding, the taxing climbs rewarding you with some epic views for your efforts along the way. The route takes in open farmland tracks, including sections of Glyndŵr’s Way, along with gravel roads, tight singletrack and technical sections to keep it interesting. All that climbing means big descents too, with plenty to keep your brakes warm and your weight back.

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Mach 3

The big one: Expect long climbs and challenging descents that will cook your legs and test your skills – it also feels longer than its 34 km distance suggests. The start shares some trail with Mach 2, before heading off south through the forest and onto the moors, before returning along some sweet track and grass descents. The highlight of the return leg is ‘the Chute’, a technically challenging steep and rocky descent.

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